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3D SpectaSCOPEâ„¢ Inspection Scope on Post Stand

3D SpectaSCOPEâ„¢ Inspection Scope on Post Stand


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Digital Inspection System Designed for Precision Manufacturing

Put money back into your bottom line by incorporating our 3D SpectaSCOPE™ inspection viewer into your inspection process. Smart, simple, and efficient, the 3D SpectaSCOPE™ Inspection Microscope is designed with performance and speed in mind, allowing you to save time and steps in your inspection process, increase quality and reduce the reproduction of costly errors.

The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ doesn’t just do a better job at precision manufacturing inspection, it does it faster and easier. With integrated, high-resolution cameras, you get a clear magnification (5x-50x) through the wide view screens and image capture for the purpose of documentation. The ergonomic inspection scope makes your work much more comfortable for long periods of use. 


Benefits of Incorporating the 3D SpectaSCOPE™


Huge Working Distance

Variable from 120 – 300mm, 3D SpectaSCOPE™ Inspection Microscope takes the place of multiple pieces on your inspection bench. Do it all with one unit. The large working distance, magnification range and tilt viewer make adjustments between jobs a simple matter.




Document Your Work

With a removable SD card, the 3D SpectaSCOPE™ allows you to take snapshot images or videos of your work that you can use for ANSI or ISO certification, training or documenting quality to share with customers. Image capture is simple.






Large Depth of Field

The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ Inspection Scope offers a massive 30mm depth of field. No more refocusing to see different planes in the field of view. 






The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ was created with simplicity in mind. With a quick setup design, simply attach the 3D SpectaSCOPE™ head to your preferred stand, plug it in, and get started. NO TRAINING is required.






Self-Focusing Zoom

The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ Inspection Microscope offers a self-focusing zoom, patent-pending technology that will maintain the focus throughout the entire zoom process. Unlike traditional auto-focus, you can run through your inspection – top to bottom – without the need to slow down and refocus as you go. Save time. Save money.





Wide Panning and XY Memory

The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ allows you to pan an impressive field of view and take advantage of time savings by storing XY coordinates for repeated inspections.







The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ Inspection Microscope keeps comfort in mind, with an ergonomic design that will fit the face of any user and allow them to work comfortably for longer periods of time without the need to adjust eyepieces or make adjustments between inspectors. Large view screens, integrated cameras, adjustable viewer and long working distance make this the ultimate ergonomic scope.





Built-In Lighting

The 3D SpectaSCOPE™ head incorporates high-quality lighting to reveal details that have been previously unavailable in most traditional inspection equipment.






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