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Probe Clamp Assembly For BR Brain Microdialysis Probes and Guides

Probe Clamp Assembly For BR Brain Microdialysis Probes and Guides


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  • When using probes for brain microdialysis, you will need a probe clamp and clamp rod for your stereotaxic frame. Probe Clamps utilize the Clamp Rod to be attached to the stereotaxic frame. The clamp rod readily attaches to a Kopf, Stoelting, or ASI stereotaxic frame. The probe clamp grips the guide cannula and or the probes during stereotaxic implantation.

  • 505471 and 505474 type clamps are used for holding BR and MBR type guide cannula/probes respectively.  Calibration Station for probe wetting/preparation and in vitro recoveries comes with two clamps of either type. If you are switching to a non-BASi  probe, these clamps fit on a CMA/130. 

    In addition 505556 type clamp is used to hold the extended stylets, 505486, 505491 and extended Stylet* for MBR-10 Guide Cannula during stereotaxic implantation of BR or MBR type guide cannulas.

  • Extended Stylets (505491), The extended stylets are designed to implant BR or MBR type guide cannula with ease, providing better spatial accessibility to the implantation site during stereotaxic surgery. 

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