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Calibration Station - BR

Calibration Station - BR


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The Calibration Station facilitates preparation and in vitro calibration/microdialysis of up to two rodent brain probes. Look to the Calibration Station for easy probe wetting and setup of your in vitro experiments.

  • Use for initial microdialysis probe wetting and in vitro recovery determinations.
  • The Calibration Station can also be used to store probes between uses
  • Probe clamps can also be used on the stereotaxic frame for stereotaxic implantation (the 505472 probe clamp rod is also needed).
  • Standard plastic vials fit into holes on top of the Calibration Station.
  • Vial contents are visible from the front.
  • Stainless steel pins position the probe clamps so that probes are centered and cannot touch the sides of the vial.
  • The “Transit” position hole on the station holds either a wetted rat brain probe (BR) or mouse brain probe (MBR) just prior to insertion into the animal.
  • If you are switching to a different probe, these clamps fit on a CMA/130 In Vitro Stand.
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