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Neuroscience Dummy Cannula (22 or 26 gauge)

Neuroscience Dummy Cannula (22 or 26 gauge)


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For in vivo investigation of rodents

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Best Prices
  • Rapid Order Response
  • Custom lengths from 1.0-9.9mm (0.1mm increments)
  • We offer a large variety of neuroscience cannulas with many length options. To place an order, Click here for the custom order form and price list, and one of our sales specialists will contact you to complete the order.

    *NOTE: Use 26g Dummy Cap for 24g cannulas

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Flexible PE tubing is recommended to connect to Internal Cannula (INC) only, NOT Guide Cannula (GC) or Dummy Cap (DUMC).
504278 matches INC26-XX
504279 matches INC24-XX
504280 matches INC22-XX

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