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LaserCheck Power Meter

LaserCheck Power Meter


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LaserCheck™ is an inexpensive, hand-held laser power meter that displays measurements on a built-in LCD screen. It is a small, lightweight, self-contained package that can easily be stored in a pocket or tool kit.

LaserCheck is micro-processor controlled with wavelength correction, auto-ranging (µW or mW displayed), power overload warning and automatic shutoff. At higher powers the silicon sensor is protected from saturation with a built-in optical attenuator.

LaserCheck is supplied ready to use, complete with battery, integral pocket clip, storage case, CE certification and user instruction sheet.

To initiate a measurement cycle, press the Sample/Hold button to turn the LaserCheck on, center the beam on the sensor for >2 seconds and release the button to record a measurement of the power. Repeat the cycle to make another measurement or the LaserCheck will switch off automatically after 10 seconds.

  • Integrated sensor
  • Auto-ranging with peak sample-and-hold
  • Power measurement from 0.5 µW-1W
  • ±5% calibrated accuracy from 400-1064 nm


Sensor Type Silicon Cell
Built-in Attenuator 1 mm-thick NG-10
Aperture Size 8 mm
Wavelength Range 400-1064 nm
Accuracy ±5%
Max. CW Power 10 mW
Max. CW Power with Built-in attenuator 1W
Min. CW Power 0.5 µW
Min. Power Resolution 0.01 µW
Displayed Power Ranges 9.99 µW to 999 mW
Max. Power Density 0.5W/cm2
Max. Power Density with Built-in Attenuator 30W/cm2
Measurement Display 3-digit LCD with power unit indicator


Please observe optical damage threshold specifications for this product. Warranty does not include damage caused by over exposure to high energy laser beams. Please contact if you require technical advice on appropriate use of this product or if you require further information.

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