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Rat Stereotaxic Instrument

Rat Stereotaxic Instrument


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Classic and Proven U-Frame Design for small animals

  • Large, easy to read vernier scales Scales are laser engraved — accurate to 100 microns
  • Triple lead screws for fast positioning 80 mm of vertical, lateral and anterior-posterior travel
  • Absolute lock at 90 degrees (vertical)
  • Brass bushings in manipulator arm permit electrical grounding
  • Accessories available for use with a wide variety of small animals
  • Adaptors available for use with mice, neonatal rats, birds and other species
  • Gas anesthesia compatible
  • Easily cleaned durable surface
  • Warmer ready base compatible with Stoelting Rodent Warmer System
  • NEW FEATURE: The ONLY stereotaxic instrument on the market with an integrated warming base included on all units! Simply purchase the Temperature Control Box 1 (505375), or Temperature Control Box 2 (505376) and probe (505377) to use the warming function.
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