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MouseNRat Stereotaxic Instrument with Adaptors

MouseNRat Stereotaxic Instrument with Adaptors


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For use with the WPI Rat Stereotaxic Instruments, Stoelting and most other Stereotaxic Instruments.

  • WPI Rat Stereotaxic Instruments with Rat and Mouse Adaptors is equipped with a U-frame base traditionally used for rat surgeries, but is supplied with rat and mouse adaptors making it the ideal stereotaxic frame to use with both species.
  • Available as dual, ultra-precise, digital, motorized or rotating models.
  • NEW FEATURE: The ONLY stereotaxic instrument on the market with an integrated warming base included on all units! Simply purchase the Temperature Control Box 1 (505375), or Temperature Control Box 2 (505376) and probe (505377) to use the warming function.
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