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Digital Manipulator Arm, 3-Axes, Add-On, Left handed

Digital Manipulator Arm, 3-Axes, Add-On, Left handed


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You should consider an upgrade if you currently own a vernier model stereotaxic. Purchasing a Digital Stereotaxic arm allows for
  • Memory of target coordinates
  • Zeroing function at reference point
  • 10-micron digital scale
  • Digital 3-Axes Add-On  Digital Manipulator Arm, 3-Axes, Add-On. The Add-On is essentially a complete digital arm that a customer adds on to their existing frame. The digital (add-on) arm replaces the customer’s existing arm.

Upgrading your existing stereotaxic to a digital model will reduce the risk of human error and increase accuracy (10-rather than 100-micron resolution). The large LED display is also useful for surgeries performed in low light, or constrained environments, where reading the vernier scale is difficult.

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