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PolyFil Multi-Barrel Micropipette Coupling Kit

PolyFil Multi-Barrel Micropipette Coupling Kit


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PolyFil™ allows easy and secure coupling of a multi-barrel micropipette to a pres­sure source. Cou­pling is achieved by bonding tem­per­a­ture-re­sis­tant and flexible MicroFil to the capillary tube with hot melt ad­he­sive. The luer end of each MicroFil is connected to PVC tubing (200 PSI rated). Kits also include a five-port manifold that allows use of a sin­gle PV830 Series PicoPump to drive up to six micropipette barrels independently by switching on only the barrels to be injected. All connections are locking luers - pressure safe and convenient.

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