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STX4 EVOM Electrode with Removable Blades for TEER in 6.5 mm Inserts

STX4 EVOM Electrode with Removable Blades for TEER in 6.5 mm Inserts


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Electrode for EVOM3 and EVOM™ Manual with Replaceable Blades Ensures Stable Measurements

The STX4 electrode is the most recent version of chopstick electrode for the EVOM3 and EVOM™ Manual  and it is designed to facilitate measurements of voltage (potential difference: PD) and resistance (transepithelial electrical resistance: TEER) of cultured epithelia (cellular layer) grown onto permeable membrane inserts in 12- and 24-well tissue culture plates. STX4 can measure directly inside the well plates with 12 and 24 inserts. The STX4 is designed primarily for 24-well hanging inserts or transwells (e.g., Corning 3470), and the electrode’s best performance can be seen in this format.


  • Replaceable blades – This new STX4 electrode has replaceable electrode blades.

  • No chloriding necessary – Electrode tips are specially coated, requiring no chloriding (maintenance step) to ensure proper electrode functionality when measuring TEER of cellular layers like epithelial cultures. Chloriding was necessary for the  STX2-PLUS.

  • Less liquid volume needed – This electrode requires with less liquid volumes than required for STX2-PLUS electrode to keep the tips immersed and able to provide stable readouts.

  • Hands-free operation – The STX4 electrode fits perfectly in 24-well hanging transwells cell culture well plates and can stay hung on top of these transwells, allowing for hands-free operation.

  • Greater precision – The STX4 electrode offers better TEER measurement precision, because it eliminates the variability factors resulting from change in electrode spacing and positioning as seen with STX2 electrode.

  • Shielded from radio frequency interference (RFI) – This STX4 electrode has a shielded cable and eliminates or minimizes any interference (from electrical sources or cell phones) affecting the TEER measurement read outs.

STX4 is stable providing precision readings

The STX4 electrode sits on the well for hands-free operation, and the adjustment ring lets you place the electrode blades in the well exactly where they need to be, suspended in solution without touching the membrane or the bottom of the cell culture well plate.

NOTE: Improve your TEER measurement precision with the older EVOM2 by swapping out the STX2 or STX3 with the new STX4. STX4 can be used with the EVOM2 (previous model) by using the EVM-AC-02-01-01 adapter, which is sold separately.


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