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EVOM Manual for TEER Measurement

EVOM Manual for TEER Measurement


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This manual TEER measurement meter now has automatic data logging. EVOM™ Manual has a low noise design that offers greater resolution and accuracy in your TEER measurement protocol. It has automatic 20X sample averaging, which improves accuracy and stability. Choose from the adjustable fixed measurement currents (2, 4 or 10 μA). Resistance measurements auto range from 1 Ω to 100,000 Ω or with three fixed current ranges. The reliable low current, low voltage design prevents metal ion transport, and it has fast resistance stabilization on low levels under 200 Ω with resolution to 0.1 Ω. Use the ergonomic tilt stand for low glare operations. You get automatic plate indexing operation with or without control well subtraction for resistance and potential difference (PD) measurements, and continuous data logging via USB (PC, Mac, Linux).

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