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Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 50 cm pathlength

Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 50 cm pathlength


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Microliter Sample Volume - Exceptional Sensitivity

  • Optical sample flow cell that combines an increased optical pathlength (50cm) with a small sample volume (125 µL).
  • Measure liquids in a continuous flow or using discrete samples
  • Connects with 600um core optical fibers to fiber optic spectrometers and light sources via SMA terminations
  • Efficient measurement of low-volume or low-concentration (ppb-ppt) aqueous samples. 
  • Functions with most liquids(with the exception of perfluorinated solvents) having a refractive index ≥ 1.30
  • Absorbance measurements can be performed in the UV, VIS, and NIR ranges to detect low sample concentrations in a lab or process environment.
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