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SMARTouch Controller ONLY, 2-Channel

SMARTouch Controller ONLY, 2-Channel


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Precise nanoliter-volume injections with intuitive SMARTouch™ controller

NANOLITER2020 is the complete system. 300704 is the NANOLITER2020 Injector Head only, and the controller and the accessories are not included.

  • Perform nanoliter volume injections using glass micropipettes
  • Nanoliter Injector works on the principle of Positive Displacement. An internal micrometer step motor precisely moves the metal plunger which pushes the oil inside the micropipette, and the oil-layer pushes nanoliter volumes of aqueous sample out of the pipette tip.
  • Fine control of plunger displacement along with proper sealing among gasket, glass micropipette, and oil ensures precision and accuracy
  • NANOLITER2020 System includes the 300704 NANOLITER Injector, the MICRO2T SMARTouch™ Controller and many necessary accessories (See Details)


Make Your Microinjection with Nanoliter Precision

Simple-to-Use Touchscreen Controller

NANOLITER2020 is the updated version of WPI’s popular NANOLITER2010 Injector that is capable of performing precision injections in the nanoliter range using a variety of glass micropipette sizes. The new model connects directly to the WPI MICRO2T SMARTouch™ controller, which can also be used with WPI’s UMP3 pump, allowing the pumps to be controlled individually or synchronously. The new injector head has a LED indicator which shows proper communication between the pump and controller. NANOLITER2020 offers improved precision by in-depth plunger displacement validation. The system is easier to use and has a chic silver injector head.




  • Minimizes loss of costly or scarce samples because injections are performed with mineral oil, back-filled, glass micropipettes, and the sample is front filled.
  • Control up to two pumps simultaneously
  • Mounts easily on a micromanipulator or a stereotaxic frame
  • Precise control over injection volumes and rates (nL to mL range)
  • Simple to use touchscreen interface and graphical representation of volume status on MICRO2T controller
  • LED indicator offers a visual indication of connectivity
  • Perform injections with a foot switch(optional)
  • Injector is compatible with different OD glass micropipettes (in the range of 1.1-1.5 mm)
  • Costs 15% less than the previous model (NL2010MC2T)!



The NANOLITER2020 Injector is perfect for making nanoliter to microliter range injections into frogs (Xenopus oocytes), rats, mice, mosquitoes, shrimps, insects (e.g., Brown Planthopper), flies (e.g., Drosophila) and fish (Zebrafish) embryo using glass micropipettes.


Important Notes

  • MICRO2T SMARTouch™ controller is required to operate the 300704 Injector (The same MICRO2T controller can be used with UMP3 pumps.)

  • 300746 Spare Parts Kit required for use with the 300704 Injector

  • Glass micropipettes are not included with the 300704. Use WPI glass micropipettes or use glass capillaries (504949 or 504950) and a puller to make micropipettes.

  • Use a tweezer (501981) to scoop gaskets out of the NANOLITER2020 Injector Head

  • 300704 Injector Head comes with one set of gaskets installed in the injector to use with 1.1-1.15 mm OD fire-polished glass


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