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Platinum Iridium Metal Electrodes Profile A

Platinum Iridium Metal Electrodes Profile A


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Pt-Ir - The gold standard for chronic recording and microstimulation

Because of its electro chemical and mechanical characteristics, platinum-iridium alloy is frequently designated as the “gold standard” for chronic recording and microstimulation.

  • Platinum-iridium electrodes
  • For Chronic recording and microstimulation
  • Package of 5



lower concomitant impedance

Lower Concomitant Impedance

This probe has lower concomitant impedance compared with tungsten and stainless steel.

higher charge  transfer capacity

Higher Charge Transfer Capacity

Making it perfect for microstimulation, Pt-Ir electrodes have a higher charge transfer capacity compared with tungsten and stainless steel.

improved electrochemical stability

Improved Electrochemical Stability

Pt-Ir offers improved electrochemical stability compared with tungsten and stainless steel.

Perfect for microstimulation

Perfect for Microstimulation

Perfect for microstimulation, with excellent performance that ensures safe stimulation even with small probes.

Iridium content improves bend resistance

Iridium Content Improves Bend Resistance

Iridium content in the alloy increases the mechanical hardness, which stiffens the electrode to the point that the bend resistance comes close to that of tungsten.



Are you performing acute recordings or non-intensive chronic recordings?

You may be able to use a tungsten probe instead. Platinum-iridium costs more than tungsten and stainless steel, which makes it less desirable for acute recording and non-intensive chronic recording.

Will you perform intensive stimulation protocols?

Intensive stimulation protocols could make platinum-iridium probes succeptible to corrosion and dissolution.

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