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World Precision Instruments

Microinjector with External Pressure Source (pressure source not included)

Microinjector with External Pressure Source (pressure source not included)


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Microinjectors For All Your Microinjection Applications

Designed to simplify intracellular injection and a variety of other microinjection tasks, the WPI introduces three new Microinjectors:

New Generation of Pressure Injectors

For All Your Microinjection Needs  

WPI's new generation pressure microinjectors are quickly replacing the very popular legacy line of pnuematic valve PicoPumps Pressure Injectors. The PV820 and PV830 have been a staple in the microinjection market for decades. The three new injectors facilitate any type of microinjecion that involves glass micropipettes.

  • MICRO-ePUMP - Microinjector with Integrated Cell Penetrator and Internal Pressure Source
  • μPUMP - Microinjector with Internal Pressure Source
  • PV850 - Microinjector for Use with External Pressure Source 


  • Explosive sensing with insect-based biorobots
  • Electron transfer kinetics on mono and multilayer graphene
  • Creation of transgenic animals
    • Any nucleic acid can be introduced into any kind of cell
    • No length limitation (100’s of kb’s of DNA) on the transfer of foreign genes
    • Used to genetically modify animals like mice, fish, C. elegans, rats, rabbits and large domestic animals such as cattle, sheep, and pigs
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