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One-Channel Free Radical Analyzer

One-Channel Free Radical Analyzer


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Fast, reliable, real-time detection – measure redox-reactive species

  • Real-time detection using electrochemical microsensors
  • Integrated system includes one temperature sensor, your choice of one additional sensor and a start-up kit
  • Current measurement range from 300 fA to 10 µA (four ranges) permits wide dynamic range for detection
  • Wide bandwidth allows recording of fast events
  • Measure carbon monoxide from 10 nM to 10 µM
  • Measure nitric oxide from < 0.3 nM to 100 µM
  • Measure hydrogen peroxide < 10 nM to 100 mM
  • Measure hydrogen sulfide
  • Measure glucose
  • Measure oxygen from 0.1% to 100%
  • Isolated architecture allows Lab-Trax interface to simultaneously measure free radical and independent analog data (for example, ECG, BP, etc.) on any channel
  • Single channel free radical detection
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